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BACKGROUND: A blend of art and technology

For 25+ years, I have made my living in the Graphic Design, Publishing and Multimedia industries and worn various hats of typesetter, proofreader, camera operator, film stripper, art director, production manager, animator, web, interface and multimedia designer. I teach college classes in computer illustration, animation, graphic design, web design, typography, book design and digital imaging. Whenever an opportunity presented itself to broaden my knowledge or deepen my understanding of these interlocking technologies, I embraced it. — Patty Arnold

WHERE WE FIT IN: Just add words and picture

I love to produce books, ebooks, magazines, web sites, manuals and directories. I can work from your designs or create designs for you and the special requirements of your project. I maintain a sophisticated and evolving equipment and software list and have built associations with other independent, seasoned professionals in order to be a flexible team player, small enough to tuck comfortably into your existing work flow and sophisticated enough to handle large projects.

THE “MENAGERIE”: Consorting with known professionals

“Menagerie” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the associations I maintain with other independent professionals in a variety of disciplines in the field of publishing. These relationships allow me to provide services including: proofreading and editing, in addition to illustration and photography. I can coordinate with your staff or any individuals or firms you choose to fill these roles. My clients range from self-publishers to large publishing firms. My objective is the satisfaction of a project precisely executed.